Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What can I purchase with AlottaJava® gift cards?
  • What's the difference between an AlottaJava® gift card and a VISA®, Mastercard® or Amex® gift card?
  • How can I determine the status of my gift card before I use it?
  • If the unused gift card funds never expire, why do gift cards have an expiration date?
  • Can all AlottaJava® gift cards be redeemed at more than one merchant?
  • Why do I have to activate my AlottaJava® Gift Card before I use it?
  • If a new participating merchant joins the AlottaJava® program after I give a gift card, can the gift card that I gave be used at the new participating merchant?

You may purchase any products and services offered by the AlottaJava® participating merchants. AlottaJava® gift cards can be used to purchase much more than just coffee (although we do love coffee).

Fees… Fees… Fees. And those other gift cards don’t work at cash-only businesses. EVERY time a small business merchant accepts a gift card backed by one of the major credit card companies, they pay fees. Just one of many processing fees that erode their already limited margins. And if your favorite restaurant or coffee shop is cash-only, forget about it!

In order to truly support our local, independent businesses without hurting their margins and without excluding the cash-only locations, be a socially-responsible gift giver – give AlottaJava® Gift Cards.

If you’re not sure whether your gift card is still valid with an available balance, activate it. There is no harm in activating a gift card that has already been activated and the activation process will report the status of your AlottaJava® Gift Card. Since you must activate your gift card before you use it, making sure it’s activated before presenting it to a participating merchant will save you time at checkout.

Activate your AlottaJava® Gift Card by clicking on the activation link in the original e-mail message to which your gift card is attached or visit the activate page.

Gift cards have an expiration date, so that they must be periodically reissued to update technology and security. A gift card’s available funds never expire. To request reissued gift cards (free of charge), click here.

Yes. Each AlottaJava® gift card can be redeemed at any of the participating merchants. You can even partially redeem a gift card at one merchant and use the remaining balance at the same or another merchant.

You should immediately activate your AlottaJava® Gift Card when you first receive it for three reasons:

  1. activating it confirms your ownership of the gift card, so that it can be easily reissued if you lose it
  2. the e-mail address that you provide when you activate your gift card is the e-mail address to which the remaining balance will be issued if you partially redeem your gift card
  3. you should activate it immediately, so that it is valid when you present it to a participating merchant (merchants will not be able to accept your gift card until it is activated)

Activate your AlottaJava® Gift Card by clicking on the activation link in the original e-mail message to which your gift card is attached or visit the activate page.

Yes. Gift cards retain their unused funds indefinitely, so they can be redeemed at any of the AlottaJava® participating merchants when the gift recipient chooses to redeem them.